Welcome To Lam Aviation

With the first major change in aircraft aileron design since the original implementation of the aileron, Lam Aviation is offering the industry an innovative approach to new wing design. The Lam Aileron provides new wing variable geometries that offer multiple benefits including:

  • Decrease in fuel consumption
  • Increase in useful load
  • Improved cruise performance
  • Improved flight handling characteristics

To learn more about the company’s unique origins and better understand how the Lam Aileron works, watch the Lam Aileron video.

Greg Cole, Windward Performance

“We believe that the Lam Aileron system will be the next evolutionary step in aircraft lateral control and high-lift device configurations. It couples the functions of high-speed ailerons with powerful, low-speed lateral control, while improving the maximum lift coefficient of the wing by 16%. This has heretofore been a battle for aircraft designers. The Lam Aileron may also offer improved low-speed stall departure resistance. This system has application in small General Aviation aircraft and STOL bush planes, as well as larger aircraft such as business jets and even large transport category aircraft.”