LAM Aviation…safer wings and better performance

LAM Aviation is innovating how traditional flight controls work. Our new LAM Aero System combines the best of high-lift and lateral control devices in a single, integrated package and is suitable for all types of aircraft including VTOLs and UAVs that utilize smaller wings but need additional lift, control power and stability.

Our patented aileron and flap system has documented safety and performance gains (click Proven Results tab).

Advanced aerodynamic stability and anti-spin system

Plus our system:

  • Increases useful load
  • Improves cruise performance
  • Improves slow-flight control
  • Improves flight handling characteristics
  • Decreases fuel consumption

The LAM Aero SystemTM (LAS) is the first major new wing flight control system since the original introduction of the aileron and flap.  It empowers the pilot and eliminates Loss of Control.

LAM offers engineering design services and licenses its technology directly to OEMs.  Please use the Contact Us page for help with your specific design objectives. We’ll help you get flying faster and safer.

Greg Cole, Windward Performance

“We believe that the LAM Aero System is the next evolutionary step in aircraft lateral control and high-lift device configurations. It couples the functions of high-speed ailerons with powerful, low-speed lateral control.

LAM improves the maximum lift coefficient of the wing by greater than 16%. Managing lift has previously been a challenge for aircraft designers and required design compromises elsewhere until now.

The LAM Aero System also demonstrates improved low-speed stall departure resistance. This system has immense application for all aircraft, including STOL, VTOLs, and UAVs.”